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The Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences at Amrapali University is comparatively a new endeavor. It came into existence in the year 2019 with a mission to enhance the level of pharmacy education & research, and for the betterment of the healthcare industry.

The Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences offers degree courses such as B. Pharm and Diploma in Pharmacy (D. Pharm), approved by the Pharmacy Council of India (PCI). The Faculty aims at producing the next generation of industry-ready professionals not only for the pharmaceutical but also for allied industries. Pharmacy, being a premium branch of science, deals with the preparation and dispensation of a comprehensive range of pharmaceutical drugs while ensuring their safe and effective use.

The Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences keeps pace with the constant advancement in technology and the development of specific and potent synthetic drugs to structure its curriculums across the programs accordingly. The real challenge for any Commerce and Business Management institution is to respond flexibly and quickly to the ever-evolving needs of the students while keeping pace with time. 


Be it curriculum development, teaching, or research in commerce and management, we legitimately claim and take pride in being an ideal institution on all parameters. It has always been watchful of paradigm shifts which the pharmacy industry in recent years has gone through. The Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences has state-of-the-art infrastructure including laboratories and supportive instruments.

The faculty members herein are well-trained hailing from the premier institutions of the country. Each and every member is proactively engaged in the dissemination of knowledge in the field of Pharmaceutical Sciences.


To be a leading institution in Pharmaceutical Education and Training by producing future leaders in pharmacy practice, education, and research. 


To prepare students to become pharmacists and pharmaceutical scientists who will be leaders in the pharmacy profession.

To encourage research in Pharmaceutical, Clinical Sciences and its translation into healthcare practices.



Focus on Research 

We are always focused on research that is finally translated into well-received publications/presentations at some of the biggest national and international platforms. Our strategic industrial and academic collaborations empower us to transfer newer things to the pharmaceutical industry. Research fellows from other institutions have also been visiting us for knowledge and experience sharing. We are also instrumental in conducting different types of staff development programs and conferences to track the latest developments taking place in the pharmaceutical industry.  


Outstanding Infrastructure 

Outstanding infrastructure is one of our key USPs at the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences. Located in a green, serene, and pollution-free environment, our campus infrastructure represents spacious lecture halls, a well-stocked library, large seminar halls, tutorial rooms equipped with all hi-tech facilities, and an ultramodern pharmaceutical laboratory. Dedicated exclusively to the Pharmacy discipline, this infrastructural prowess turns the teaching-learning process into a pleasurable experience.   


Value-loaded, Holistic Education 

We at the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences at Amrapali University strive for the holistic development of our students through valued-loaded holistic education. We are committed to turning all students with raw and undiscovered talents into competent professionals who can combat any real-life challenge in both personal and professional life.  

We provide all students with a positively charged, stimulating atmosphere, conducive to their holistic development. We consider holistic education a theory of study that’s based on the assumption that each and every individual must gain an identity, purpose, and meaning in life while establishing a strong connection with nature and community with peace and compassion. 


Training and Placement Cell 

We have a training and placement cell dedicated to the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences. The cell keeps in touch with the industry staying in sync with technological advancement so that the gap between the curriculum and the latest technologies can be abridged accordingly. The placement cell also organizes a wide range of sessions to ensure the interpersonal, technical, and business skills of the students enabling them to take on all real-world challenges with competencies par excellence. The efficacy of our placement cell is quite evident from the positions that our students are holding across national and multinational companies.


Dean’s Message

Dear Aspirants,

Welcome to the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences – your gateway to the lucrative, rewarding, and exciting careers in the field of pharmacy. Here, we are committed to producing competent pharmacy professionals by enhancing their knowledge and skills, and through a well-thought blend of academics, extra-curricular, and co-curricular activities. All the well-informed, qualified, and dedicated faculty members deployed here always keep them at par with the latest development in the field of pharmaceutical science. And, they also contribute significantly to academics through innovative pedagogy, highly rated publications, seminars, conferences, etc.

To make pharmacy education more enriching and meaningful across the programs, the teaching-learning process is supplanted by workshops, guest lectures, and interactive sessions with renowned personalities belonging to the industry and academia. Apart from this, we at the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences also put efforts into enhancing the career prospects of our students. And, to achieve this, we conduct different add-on courses in some of the most essential areas such as Drug Regulatory Affairs, Pharmacovigilance & Pharmaceutical Marketing. As a premier university of North India, we very well understand the value and significance of soft skills and therefore conduct a variety of sessions on a regular basis inside the campus.  

All the budding pharmacists whom we are nurturing come out with incredible logical thinking abilities with a bent of mind that’s driven by scientific research. It enables them to take on every challenge that comes their way in the professional journey not only in the healthcare industry but also in the allied fields.  

Best wishes for a bright and successful future.

Dr. Abhijeet Ojha
(Dean, Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences)

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