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Amrapali has been a fabulous experience. It is the potential to develop a leadership role. The food by student’s staff has excellent and the warmth and smile of service students has been endearing. I wish the institution good luck.
- [Dr. Sudhir Andrews : Feb., 2020] (D. Litt., School of Hospitality, Distinguished Professor - Management at Skill Maker Consultancy)

Had lovely time, thank you for everything, aloo ke gutke was the best.
- [Mr. Abhimanyu Kayastha : Feb., 2020] (Vice president Justa group of hotels)

Absolutely awesome food and hospitality, Thank you for hosting a delicious lunch.
- [Mr. Mohammad Yusuf Yamin : Feb., 2020] (Human resource manager, TAJ hotels)

I felt privileged to be here and investing time with future hotelier. Hospitality extended to me is of international standards. The passion and hope in students impressed me with. Amrapali all the best.
- [Mr. Diwaker Balodi : Feb., 2020] (Executive chef, Ananda Rishikesh)

Excellent show, good food, best wishes...
- [Chef Tanuj Nayyar : Feb., 2020] (Executive chef, Jaypee Mussorie)

Great food and event, all the best to amrapali family.
- [Chef Rahul Wali : Feb., 2020] (Owner, cafe 'Rahul’s Kitchen')

Tastiest food, loved it totally. What’s a recipe.
- [Ms. Asees Kaur : Feb., 2020] (Bollywood singer)

Amazing hospitality and super delicious food, thank you for all love.
- [Mr. Harish Moyal : (Bollywood singer)
An expellant Seminar organized by Amrapali. I have attended many seminars in India abroad, & this one is very well organized. Congratulations to Amrapali.
- [Y.P. Gupta : Nov., 2005] (Allahabad)
It was tranmander efforts by Amrapali Manthan was realy a manthan through which some Amrit is going to come out obviously best wishes for years to come
- [R.C. Pandey : Nov., 2005]
It was very nice to be a part of this National seminar. Every persons speaks well. Every body's approach was very positive &methodical. Even the students presented themselves as very disciplined one in fact in my word Amrapali S.H.M. is doing excellent to excel in the scenario of hospitality Mgmt.
- [V. K. Srivastava : Nov., 2005]

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