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    "Training is the first step to shape your learning in the best form" Interview sessions towards the summer batch are going in smooth and organized manner, through virtual platform. All the best to budding professionals Training and placement cell, FHM

    13/02/2021 | 12:29:22pm
  • Webinar western cuisine, FHM

    An online session was organized by the Culinary Department, AIHM on the 25th of January where Chef Sagar Rawat, a renowned cook at BOURY, Belgium introduced the young minds with thoughts on culinary challenges, recipe formulation and new evolving techniques. Chef Sagar Rawat’s style of delivery left a mark in the heart on every listener and students learnt in abundance.

    27/01/2021 | 04:18:57pm

    A Webinar was planned and successfully completed on 19th January 2021 by the Housekeeping department under the flagship of Amrapali Institute of Hotel Management, Haldwani. The topic for the Webinar was NEW PROPERTY COUNTDOWN –Housekeeping in Newly Made Hotels and the resource person for this Webinar was Mr. Gaurav Singh Gangola, Manager Housekeeping, Seychelles.

    21/01/2021 | 02:58:30pm
  • Interview – Fear turned to valor of knowledge and personality

    The training and placement cell stationed at AIHM under the lead of Mr. Pawan Mehra organized an expert session on 16th January, 2021. This online session was delivered by Mr. Anurag Sharma founder of LFA Consulting LLP. Interview is a resultant of knowledge and skill. Skill improvement is a talent and Mr. Anurag Sharma helped students and faculty understand this talent. Learn and grow future hoteliers under the shade of AIHM Family Tree.

    21/01/2021 | 02:57:33pm
  • ‘Network opportunities, Social Opportunities, Professional Experience, Personal development, Leadership, Organizational and Management Skills’

    …And all this through AIHM Clubs. The AIHM faculty and students have been long associating through clubs in a congenial environment. The close of 2020 and the entry of 2021 filled the remoteness through a large number of club activities by the Gourmet Club, Future and Sharp Club and Creativity Club through online sessions on Sous Vide, Molecular Gastronomy, Wine and Winery and Kite making activity and all this added warmth to the chill winters.

    21/01/2021 | 02:56:14pm
  • Welcome gesture to the Year 2021.

    On the occasion of X-mas & New Year it is all about spending time with family and & friends and sending greetings to loved ones staying far away and at AIHM the students celebrated this occasion by following social distancing yet the celebrations were at full swing. Members of Decoration club under the umbrella of HK, AIHM made some beautiful decoration creations and shared with each other which were a welcome gesture to the Year 2021.

    12/01/2021 | 12:31:40pm
  • And I make grape decisions!!!

    An enriching experience was shared by Mr. Sanjay Singh Ranghar, Anantara Hotels and Resorts, Muscat Oman through a Knowledge Booster online session conducted by the F&B Department, AIHM, Haldwani. The ripe juicy grapes and wine tasting techniques dominated the session with an enthusiastic gathering of students.

    31/12/2020 | 12:06:55pm
  • AVAHAN 2020 International Online Conference

    “Change is the end result of all true learning.” ― Leo Buscaglia The 8th International Conference Avahan, the most influential hotel investment conference entitled, ‘Challenges Upfront and Future Prospective-Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Economic Policy’ was organized on 18th and 19th December through the online platform. It was an enticing, enriching learning with content-rich sessions and excellent networking platform.

    19/12/2020 | 03:52:02pm
  • Cake Mixing Ceremony at AIHM

    A harbinger of good tidings and happiness the cake mixing ceremony was performed blithe fully with social distancing amidst COVID 19 at AIHM. There is something very special about the AIHM Ground Floor Restaurant as it has witnessed many ceremonious occasions. Although cake mixing ceremony dates back to the 17th century in Europe its tradition continues at AIHM since its inception.

    07/12/2020 | 10:11:19am
  • Diwali celebration by Decoration Club AIHM

    . The COVID 19 phase has ultimate this art from creative hands and brought forth a new era of entertainment and hobby among the ‘Creative Club Members’ of the housekeeping department at AIHM, Haldwani. And- ‘as the sun went cold and pale as moon and festivities engaged men’, the club members crowned the festivities with their celebration of art in the form of artistic rangoli for Diwali wishing a happy and safe Diwali.

    03/12/2020 | 03:58:08pm
  • Happy International chef day 2020

    ‘HEALTHY FOOD FOR THE FUTURE’- A celebration of the initiation by Dr. Bill Gallagher, a renowned chef who created International Chefs Day in 2004. The silver tint in the clouds of doubt is an opportunity to be harnessed and ‘Don’t Quit’ By John Greenleaf Whittier can be considered as the motivation at AIHM, Haldwani when it displayed it’s determination through International Chefs’ Day 2020.Food as Bhojan Thal and a webinar has been organised.

    22/10/2020 | 10:10:52am
  • ‘Searching potential for legendry’- Club President with Members of Creativity Club....World Tourism Day.

    The wonderful creation by the members of the ‘Decoration Club’ also published as ‘Creativity Club’ of AIHM has sent ripples of wonderful vibes of artistic display throughout AIHM. The young armors of Tourism and Hospitality Industry created posters and banners depicting the ‘World Tourism Day.’ They were projections of the travelers’ instinct to raise our spirits, galvanize the fire and heighten our hopes.

    06/10/2020 | 12:22:01pm
  • Teacher’s Day 2020 in loving memory of Dr. Radhakrishnan

    The ASCAB- AIHM run Decoration Club laid emphasis on the important role of teachers through a well thought activity under the guidance of their student coordinators. They organized an activity where students prepared cards of different types to express their gratitude towards their teachers. These cards were dispatched to the faculty members.

    22/09/2020 | 01:16:59pm
  • AUGUST MEANS ‘INSPIRING REVERANCE OR ADMIRATION’ as AIHM celebrates Janmastami, Rakshabandhan and Independence Day in its own creative style.

    Reverence and admiration are the words associated with August. Do you know that the month of August was once called Sexlitus meaning 6th and in 8 BC the month was named August after Augustus Caesar, the first Roman Emperor. We may call it coincidence or destiny but August is the month of Reverence and admiration in our institute as in our country.

    27/08/2020 | 11:55:22am
  • Mother’s Day Online Celebrations

    Mother’s day came as a surprise from the co curriculum team as it instigated the students to make cards. There were 45 contestants presenting their love for their mother as beautiful drawings and sketches. The first position was secured by Deepak Bhatt, BHMCT 2nd Sem, second by Nishtha Khetwal, BHM KU 2nd Sem. while there was a tie for third position between Pramod Bhatt and Pramod Singh, BHM KU 2nd Sem.

    22/05/2020 | 12:08:15pm